Dream Team

James Gaulden  owner / founder

James is a songwriter/producer and businessman like no other. After compiling an enormous song catalog with hundreds of registered copyrights, and after recording a large number of artists from many different genres it became obvious that there is still a tremendous need for great songwriting and a large demand for “real music”. He currently oversees the acquisition and development of new talent, as well as shopping the entire catalog worldwide to music industry professionals.

James Gaulden



Jemond G  executive producer / A&R

Jemond “G” is a singer/songwriter, producer, arranger and keyboardist that has had a hand in virtually every major R&B, hip-hop, and gospel recording, concert or live event in Colorado for the past decade. He is the go-to guy that everybody remembers and the guy that everybody wants to be a part of their project. He is charged with finding new talent, new material, and implementing new ideas to strengthen our catalog.

Jemond G



Jimmie Raye  marketing

Jimmie Raye is the head of marketing and charged with generating creative strategies and market opportunities in new media and technology. His background as a radio on-air personality as well as an events coordinator makes him a perfect choice to head our marketing and promotions team. His relentless attitude and uncommon ability to always get the job done has led to him being appointed the company’s primary point of contact and liaison for the greater Atlanta area.

Jimmie Raye



Desmond “Motown” Washington  producer

Motown is truly one of the most gifted and talented young musicians to come out of the Detroit area in a while. With a name like Motown, the drummer, keyboardist, vocal arranging super-producer is a key component to our dream team and the music created here at JME. His signature sound and ability to keep pace with fast changing musical demands has made a significant contribution to our current catalog and the careers of every artist involved.

desmond motown washington



Some of the artists we have worked with in the past and continue to work with:

  • Steve Frazier
  • Boonie Mayfield
  • Logan
  • The Reminders
  • Tony Exum, Jr
  • Perfect Harmony
  • Scorp Dezel
  • Mr. J. Medeiros
  • K Cheeba
  • Kajmir Royale
  • Lyndon Copeland
  • ShapeShifta/Versatile Musik
  • 2Intise/Versatile Musik
  • Vanessa Thomas
  • Youngmann
  • Deux Process
  • Lily Lopez
  • Phewturama
  • Kassanova
  • Flowgod of the Untouchables
  • Kidd Neutron
  • LaVance Colley


  • Kayla Rae
  • Ryan Allen
  • Iceburgg
  • Yung Sy
  • Donell Jones
  • Big Swiss
  • Roshay Neil
  • Cla’se
  • X-cel
  • Candice Davis
  • MC Hollywood
  • Nadia
  • Daniel Beasley
  • The Procussions
  • Musik Theory
  • Andre Roman
  • Laban Ford
  • Young Ducellini
  • Nickole S.
  • Jodi Allen
  • Soul J. Debonair
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